Doug Rentz  |  
Fulton Co. Courthouse Restoration Nearly Complete

The Toledo Blade featured the Fulton County Courthouse renovation in its Sept. 13 edition. The article written by Alexandra Mester highlighted Judge Jeffrey Robinson's passion for the building's history and the modern restoration performed by Garmann/Miller and our partners to restore this beautiful structure to its original glory.

From Mester's article:

The county is putting the final touches on a yearlong, $4.2 million renovation and restoration of the downtown Wauseon courthouse, originally finished in 1872 with an administrative addition finished in 1900. Its simple brick exterior gives no hints that this rural Ohio courthouse features a show-stopping main courtroom with a stained-glass rotunda, large paintings, and gold-leaf gilding.

“When I got on the bench, I just kept thinking about the people that originally settled here building this monument to the law and how important that was,” Judge Robinson said. “There just isn’t anything like this. You can’t go anywhere and find this.”

Click here to read the feature that includes a video with commentary from Judge Robinson.