Doug Rentz  |  
Miami County courthouse project talks continue

Cecilia Fox of Troy Daily News reported Feb. 20 on the latest meeting of the Miami County Commissioners to discuss plans for the proposed courthouse plaza renovation project. Garmann/Miller’s landscape design team was represented by site architect Kathy Trejo, PLA, who outlined some of the reasons for the project, which included issues with underground utilities, fountain drainage, uneven surfaces and lighting.

“One of the main reasons that this process started is the trip hazards,” Trejo said, pointing out the shallow steps and uneven bricks on the plaza between the 1880s courthouse and the 1970s Safety Building. “And there’s just a lot of damaged pavement.”

Click here for Fox’s full article on Piqua’s to learn more about the proposed renovation of the historical grounds that date to 1885 when the original courthouse was built. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.