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Often when you hear it was a team effort you think of a sports team on a playing field or court. However today we’re talking about innovation as a team sport and those who’ve contributed towards the new approach to data storage and management for Fostoria City Schools.

Superintendent of Fostoria City Schools, Andrew Sprang, along with a team from AEP Ohio and Garmann/Miller worked together on the application of fiber optics to the data needs of the school project, specifically known as Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology.

GMAE’s GPON model allows for smaller, fiber-cabling pathways that produce significant utility cost savings compared to a traditional technology network. The technology also uses less physical space. Fostoria is the very first school in Ohio to use the technology.

Click here to access the full article from AEP Ohio’s magazine, Efficiency Today to learn more about this new approach in energy efficiency and how GMAE’s Matt Kremer and John Ridder were involved in the project.