Doug Rentz  |  

Evolution and change have always been at the forefront of Garmann Miller’s approach to building an award-winning firm. Twenty-eight years ago, Brad Garmann and Bruce Miller saw an opportunity in the marketplace to do things differently by listening, serving the client and doing what’s right. From a humble two-man operation in Minster, Ohio, to the three-city, multi-service design powerhouse it is today, Garmann Miller continues its next chapter of growth in 2021.

GM introduced its new logo Wednesday, Jan. 6, to replace the Garmann-Miller Architects-Engineers mark that’s been in place since 2013. Designed and conceptualized by the team’s graphic artist, Jamee Thobe, the new brand symbol uses the iconic G and M letters coalescing with geometric shapes and cultural elements to usher in a new visual identity.

“A cube is a strong, solid shape,” Thobe said. “Similar to the facilities we design, it goes beyond four sides with its angled position to reveal our G and M, as well as a right-facing chevron that shows forward movement and progression.”

Also noticeably removed from the 2021 logo are the words architects and engineers. Since adding engineering to its offerings in 2001, the firm has diversified its services menu to include interior, site and technology design; pre-bond and master planning; marketing and graphic design; and construction administration. Building upon its architectural beginnings has led Garmann Miller to be named the No. 1 full-service firm in the nation by Zweig Group in 2020.

“Being a multi-service firm as long as we have, we just felt having only architects-engineers in our primary mark limited ourselves to our external audiences,” said Communication & Marketing Director Doug Rentz. “By using Garmann Miller, we also ensure that the recognizable brand equity the firm has built over nearly three decades of service is maintained.”