In today’s world, technology plays a vital role in most aspects of our lives.  A well planned technology infrastructure in your building will enhance productivity, security, and quality of work life for all of your stakeholders.

The Garmann/Miller technology staff is BICSI trained and certified, including two RCDDs (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) on staff.  Our technology department is very experienced in designing technology systems for today’s buildings.  We will determine what technology programs are important to you by discussing these issues with your staff.  From these discussions, we will develop a strategy, in cooperation with your staff; will provide a technology program designed to your specific needs.  The discussions will focus on data/wireless data networks, telephone systems, audio-visual equipment, computer systems (LAN and WAN), multi-media control rooms and media headend, classroom AV, closed circuit television, clock systems,  and the associated wiring.

Garmann/Miller’s technology team will work to design a building that effectively utilizes your established technology program, plus provides flexibility for future enhancements. The layout of the building will optimize the functionality of the technology program, including a centralized main equipment room and strategically placed intermediate distribution rooms to ensure the effectiveness of the technology wiring and equipment.  Using state of the art wireless design tools, our team can deliver a wireless data network infrastructure plan that will perform today and in the future to address mobile data business needs.

Our Technology designers work together with our Architects and Electrical/ Mechanical Engineers to deliver technology systems that are tightly integrated into the building design and not “bolted on” like many technology implementations that are added on later to a new structure.

Our goal is to provide a technology system design that meets current needs while providing flexibility to meet your future vision whether that is a traditional wired network or state of the art “One to One” wireless data network.